VIP Account Manager

Tel Aviv, IL


Play Perfect is a fast-growing mobile gaming company that provides entertainment to millions of users around the world. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv.

With a team of talented and passionate developers, designers, industry experts and gamers, Play Perfect is at the forefront of creating immersive gaming experiences that engage players on a whole new level.

As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming, Play Perfect is poised to shape the future of the industry and redefine what it means to be a skill-based gaming company.

As we expand, we're​ ​looking for​ ​a​ ​rockstar VIP Manager to join our great team!


- Manage a close relationship with our players on a daily basis.
- Support our players and constantly engage with them.
- Keep track of and monitor the players’ activity on a daily basis.
- Work with all aspects of the game studio: fully understand Economy, Product, Monetization, and so on.
- Build and deliver ongoing content, promotions and activities - where the KPI is to bring players to their next level.
- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to drive players' activity growth


- At least 1 year of experience as an Account Manager, preferably in the gaming industry
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills
- Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities
- Ability to identify and establish rapport with high-value customers
- Fluent in English
- Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, or a related field (Advantage)
- Strong understanding of the gaming industry and mobile gaming platforms
- Experience with data analysis and customer relationship management (CRM) software
- Highly motivated, detail-oriented, and able to work in a fast-paced environment

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